Online Doctor Consultations

Online consultations can save valuable time for both patients and doctors and the Mayo Clinic in the US found that online consultations could reduce the need for face-to-face appointments with GPs by 40%. The advantage of video is that up to 70% of the most common ailments that patients go to see a doctor for can be treated online over video. By focusing on video as a medium to treat patients, they enjoy the benefits of swift timely treatment without having to waste time in busy waiting rooms, take their kids out of school, or take time off work. The lack of no location boundaries or limitations is a major benefit of the app. The ability to get medical advice in places where it is not possible can be a major benefit to everyone, even if you are restricted at home, in rural or remote locations or in other settings that limit your access to conventional treatment options. Increased accessibility to GPs will also greatly reduce the burden on the under resourced and busy A&E departments.

The online doctor believes video consultations also offer Doctors so many benefits over the traditional General Practice regime currently adopted. Video, in most cases allows them to treat the same number of patients as they would normally but in an environment that they chose and can control. Any qualified doctor can use the dktrGo platform to practice provided they have access to the internet, allowing them to run their own virtual clinic and supplement their existing income. Video consultations are an excellent alternative for those doctors looking to come back to practicing after having taken a career break or starting a family. It’s also ideal for those doctors just looking to work part-time. Some may wish to become full time virtual doctors and escape the routine of having to work fixed long hours in a traditional healthcare environment. They can choose the hours they want to commit and location they wish to work from and the constraints of being tied to a single facility or hospital get eliminated. It gives them more flexibility as they can chose when they start and finish work without being tied to fixed hours (they can login and logout as and when they choose whether it be just for one consultation or a full day and take breaks in between as and when they wish to) which can lead to an improved quality of life. Additionally it can also allow them to earn a significantly higher income without most of the overheads of running a General Practice.